Maximizing Value from Clinical Trials Research

Maximize Value From Clinical Trials Data

Clinical Trials

MedAware Systems’ Science of Health Informatics (SOHInfo)™ provides you actionable information from all available clinical trials on the efficacy and safety of medical treatments and devices – for specific cohorts and application settings. Never before has this amount, and remarkable granularity, of data been available. SOHInfo is powered by the world’s first data system capable of ingesting all published scientific medical research into a single repository of “Data” – not simply a catalog of studies.


Optimize Your Business Processes

Clinical Trials Research

With SOHInfo you now have all of the available evidence from Clinical Trials Research to certify the efficacy and safety of drugs, devices or other therapies (for example, powering your CERs); to optimize due diligence for new product or company acquisition; to create powerful, evidence-based marketing messaging; and to thoroughly understand prior research when creating new drugs or devices. Massive amounts of data, granular at the level of specific cohorts and application settings, are available to you in a remarkably compressed time frame.

Realize the Power Of Big Data

Clinical Trials data
Clinical Trials Research data are meticulously curated by a team led by Dr. Zung Vu Tran, one of the world’s leading medical bio-statisticians. With complete data from tens of thousands of studies already completed, MedAware Systems boasts the most experienced team in medical research data extraction and analysis in the world. Reports for your internal use, for regulatory filings, for marketing messaging, or publication-ready meta-analyses are delivered to you in weeks.